Introducing Video Consultation

These are Ghana, US, UK and Canada-based doctors of Ghanaian origin. They have all kindly agreed to provide free real-time health service to Ghanaians. We aim to reduce the long wait and queues at hospitals.

How It Works

1 Choose Medication Delivery on the home screen of the app

2 Choose Medication Delivery on the home screen of the app

3 Choose Medication Delivery on the home screen of the app

Faq - Video Consultation

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of video consultation?

You can stay at the comfort of your home or at the work place and have the opportunity to speak to a doctor in real-time.

Can I trust the doctors?

Here at FreeDr4U, we go through a thorough examination of the doctors we ask to take part in this service. They are all board-registered doctors in the various countries they work in. They are all of Ghanaian origin so they understand the social and cultural context of burden of disease affecting Ghanaian patients.

Is it available all the time?

Yes- this service is in operation 24/7. We will please ask to respect the busy schedule of our doctors and the different times zones. We will make the different times available on our website.

Can you guarantee patient confidentiality?

At FreeDr4U, we take confidentiality seriously. All data that goes through our system is encrypted at rest and in transit

What if a doctor is not available?

We aim to attend to the consultation within 5 minutes. Please respect the busy nature of our doctors who have kindly decided to help fellow Ghanaians.

Can I schedule a time for video consultation?

Absolutely – there will be a calendar with dates and times for you to do so.

What if it is an emergency?

If you are choking, struggling to breathe, bleeding excessively, lose consciousness, have chest pain, have an allergic reaction, or feel very unwell, then you should call the ambulance straight away Here!